On Saturday we headed to the LA County Fair. We didn't end up arriving there until 5 pm, just as the sun was getting low in the sky and it was cooling off. It was so fun to bundle up and enjoy the cooler weather after a hot summer! The highlight of the fair was the Maternity Barn. It was so sweet to see the newborn babies! In one pen, newborn sheep babies were just learning how to walk... taking a few steps and then falling. The mama sheep would walk behind their babies nudging them to get back up.... so cute! In the pig pen, little pink piglets were running after their mom trying to get milk. Their little curly tails are adorable.

Then on Sunday, we had a church Baptism and BBQ at the Aquatic Center. We took Anna swimming... she didn't smile or laugh, but she didn't cry either... :)

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Paige said...

Love these pictures, especially the one of you and Anna in the pool!