It's the Little Things...

I have been on maternity leave for almost two weeks now... and I am loving every minute of it. I know that when the baby is born, I won't be able to get very much done, so I am trying to be very productive right now. This morning I finished steam cleaning the carpets in our place. The last time I cleaned the carpets was 6 months ago... but wanted to make it fresh again before Anna arrives. I receive so much satisfaction as I pour out dirty water and know that it is no longer in my carpet! I'm pretty sure the carpet in our place is very cheap, but after 3 years, it looks almost brand new after being cleaned... it is so AWESOME! Just wanted to share the little things that bring me great joy!


Stephanie said...

I believe your behavior is referred to as 'nesting'. Like a mother bird preparing a nest for her eggs...you are cleaning your carpet so it can be drooled on, spit-up on, pooped on and who knows what else. Organizing your bathroom cupboards so Anna (although she has the latest assortment of toys) can take out every bottle and arrange them around your feet while you try to dry your hair and put on makeup.

Very wise of you...do it while you can!

Lindsey said...

Yes... this makes sense!

faith said...

You know you're a clean freak when you can experience the same joy from just hearing that story. Keep up the good work fellow cleaner.

We're really looking forward to meeting Anna.

Love ya,