Hobbit Feet

Okay, I am almost 38 weeks along now and I am PUFFY! I am puffy in my feet and ankles (cankles I should say), my hands, wrists, and my face a bit. I don't mean to gross anyone out with this picture of my yucky feet, but I could resist posting it.
My loving husband made this comment last night right after I took this photo. "All you need is a little hair on your toes and you'd be a hobbit".
Last night my friend and I took a breastfeeding class at our local Kaiser. When I walked in, the nurse practitioner who taught the class rushed over to me and poked my face. She asked if I felt ok, if I had frequent headaches, blurred vision, etc. Then she turned to my friend and asked "Are you friends, do you know her?" My friend nodded. Then the nurse proceeded "Does her face always look this round and puffy?" THANKS A LOT!
So there you have it- I have hobbit feet and a fat face.


paigemturner said...

How are you feeling? I bet you can't wait to meet little Anna!!

Andrew and Erin said...

Come on, have this kid already. I'm sick of waiting.