An Unexpected Surprise

Eric and I were thrilled to learn that we were having a girl. Eric has three nephews and I have two nephews... no girls so far! Our sonographer informed us that she was "confident" that our baby was a girl, but I wanted to be sure. So I searched around and found a reasonably priced ultrasound office that performs elective 3d/4d ultrasounds. I had scheduled the appointment for this past Sunday, and invited my parents to come up and participate. My folks arrived at 2:00 and we drove nearly 30 minutes to the appointment. When we arrived at the medical office, however, there was no one around! The ultrasound clinic was dark and there were no cars in the parking lot. I called the number on the postcard they had sent me, and a woman answered. I explained that I was at the office for my appointment but no one was around. She had no knowledge of me or my appointment and explained that one of the receptionists was new and had made a mistake.

I was so upset at the realization that I was not going to see Anna in 3d! And I felt bad that my parents had driven up just for the occasion. Once we returned to our house, my mom suggested we go to Babies R' Us. Eric and I have been meaning to go in and start a baby registry, but have not been able to find the time. So the four of us set off for Babies R' Us and it ended up being such a fun afternoon and such a blessing to have my mom and dad help us make decisions. My mom made suggestions about things that I had never even thought of! We were able to add items to our registry and feel confident that we were being wise in our choices... Thanks Mom!

My dad was very enthusiastic about this outing as well. He splurged on a few outfits for Anna as well as the froggy mobile that we attached to her crib. Below is a picture of Anna's "nursery" area in our bedroom. Dr. Sears, a respected obstetrician, recommends babies to sleep in the parent's room for 6 months! According to him, studies have shown that babies who sleep in the parent's room are less likely to have complications and are at a much lower risk for SIDS. Since we don't have a choice, we were glad to hear this news!


Paige said...

Your nursery corner is so cute! I love the quilt on your wall Lindsey, how beautiful!

Melissa Grazia said...

I am sorry you had to deal with the no-ulstrasound... that is not fair!! Did they re-schedule it?
The room is so pretty!! I am so happy you got to set up the registry.
I am leaving to Lima this friday, I couldnt be more excited!! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Super cute! How fun that you have things all set up already--it looks great. I'm sorry you didn't get to see little Anna in 3D (none of my ultrasounds have been 3D either, sadly!)

faith said...

I love how you have this set up. it's so adorable. i actually got you something that will go perfectly!