Baby Scare

Today I went to the OB for my 16 week appointment. The nurse practioner attempted to find the baby's heartbeat on a small, hand-held machine with a single speaker. I was disappointed that she did not bring in the sonogram machine, as I love to see the little arms and legs, but hearing the heartbeat would at least reassure me that everything was going okay. After moving the microphone thing all around my abdomen for several minutes, she declared that she couldn't hear anything. She left the room for a few minutes and my heart sank. I was terrified that something was wrong. The whole time she was out of the room, Eric was trying to comfort me but I just kept praying "Please Lord, Please Lord".

A few minutes later she brought in the sonogram machine. After a few seconds of searching, we could see the baby... much bigger than the last time! The arms and head were moving around and I could see the legs bend and then kick the side of uterus! I still can't feel it, but the NP said since it is kicking, it would probably only be a few more weeks until I could feel it. Finally she found the right position and I could see the heart beating. She had Eric stand next to the monitor and point out different features to me... the spine, head, heartbeat, arms, legs, etc. It looks so much like a real baby now. I could even see the leg bones. I am so in love with this kid and sooooooo relieved that everything is perfectly fine!

We go in for our official ultrasound in two weeks and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures. We are also considering going to a 3D ultrasound clinic to confirm the gender and get some neat images of our little one. We'll keep you posted.


Melissa said...

That must have been scary!! I can't imagine... I am glad everything is fine and that your little one is growing. :)

Lindsey said...


Thanks for checking out my blog. I will start checking yours too!
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the cuy picture. I absolutely LOVE peru... I can't wait to move there. We hope to be there by next Christmas, but it is up to our pastor when we actually leave so we'll see how God leads.

It is neat that we are the same age and due about the same time. Have you been feeling any movement from the baby yet? I am dying to feel something, but so far nothing.

Melissa said...

I have to add you to my links... :)
I am from Lima, I lived in the north of Peru for about three years because my dad was transferred... Loved it!!
I moved here on April 2005, I haven't gone back yet... I am waiting for the ultrasound(1/19), if everything is ok, I should be going to see my parents the last week of January. I am excited!
I haven't felt anything yet... Sometimes I cry because of that, my husband keeps saying that not every woman is the same and that I will feel the baby move when the baby wants me to.
Keep in touch!!! I am sending pixie dust your way... ;)

Melissa said...

Lindsey, Id love to see the pictures and meet in the chat from BabyZone... Anytime after 7pm(PST) works for me... ;)

Melissa Grazia said...

Lindsey, just sending you some baby dust your way... :) Hope everything is good.