Our New Bed!

The name of my biz, Sour Apple Studio, is a tribute NOT to apples... I actually don't care much for them... but in fact for the color! I've been obsessed with green for as long as I can remember, and it comes through in just about every way, but ESPECIALLY in my decorating preferences. This time, I think I truly found the most delectable, most delicious green color of all time and I just finished painting our new bedroom and we picked up our new bed (our splurge) this afternoon! It needs some accessories and wall decor, but we're off to a good start!

P.S. the color is Homestead Resort Moss from Valspar... yummy!


The Davis's Downunder said...

Hi Linds....I share your passion for shades of green! As I sit here in my what used to be called "No Color Green" top that I bought in New Zealand....lot's and lot's of green over there !
My sofa looks very much like the shade of your walls.
Strangely...I very much like certain shades of blue to go with greens and so the walls all thru this house are a very delicate shade of blue which is hard to describe, but it has just the effect I wanted ! Anyway....how are you doing? Not long now till you are a foursome.
Keep well....Shelley.
P.S. Your cousin Jeanie shares our green thing. Her kitchen was a fabulous shade of green that I once knew the name of...no longer!

Leah said...


Paige said...

Very nice!

ScoringDeals said...

It looks beautiful! I love the contrast of the wall and the bed! Congrats!