Are we the only ones...

who give names to our vacuums?

Our large shop vac is named Larry, and the small hand-held is named Larry Jr. Why? No idea. And the funny part is we don't even realize that it's odd to name your vacuum. Here's an example:

Setting: Anna drops a lightbulb which shatters and spreads tiny glass shards all over the entryway.

MOM: "Eric, Anna just broke the lightbulb! I'll grab her so she doesn't step on the glass, can you get Larry Junior to clean it up?"

ERIC: "Sure, be right back". Eric exits to the garage and then re-enters with the shop vac.

MOM: "No, not Larry... just get Larry Jr."

ERIC: "Oh yeah, just a sec." Eric returns the shop vac to the garage and grabs the hand-held from the closet. Then he proceeds to clean up the glass and return Larry Junior it's home.

Does this conversation strike anyone else as weird? Ha ha ha... I love my family.


Paige said...

That is hysterical! Love it! Maybe I should name our vacuum....

Staci said...

Don't feel bad...our little vacuum is named Lightening!