Long Time No Post

Hello! Anyone still there? I don't blame you if you've abandoned this neglected little blog! I've been a big, fat, loser and haven't posted here for weeks and weeks! But I'm back and have LOTS to fill you in on!

Here's some of what's been going on these past 6 weeks: (In no particular order...)

-We Moved Into A New House with My Folks! YIKES!
-Eric's Mom Had Brain Surgery at UCLA Medical Center! Please Pray for Her!
-I Have a Big, Bulging Belly!
-Eric Enrolled in Nursing School!
-Erin (Eric's Sister) Had a Baby!
-We Got a Membership to the Zoo!
-We Still Have No Car!
-My Little Business is Crazy Busy!
-Eric's Doing LOTS of House Projects!
-We Now Live With FOUR Dogs!
-And finally, I am Sick of Being Pregnant!

I'll have lots of photos and updates coming soon... so thanks to you stragglers who have actually stuck around during my laziness.


Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the BELLY!!!! Yay, so exciting...one of each is FANTASTIC!!!! :D LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design, it's DELISH, you go girl!! Great to hear from you....you just keep doing what you're doing...first things first. Pray for a smooth and safe delivery of little Asher!!! xoxo

yulz said...

I'm still here :) hehe love your new design and congrates to you ~ can't wait to see the pictures

~Sandy~ said...

Wow! Tons of big changes :) I will definitely keep your MIL in my prayers, what a huge operation. Glad to hear you have been busy with your business....it's not a surprise since you are the best out there! Can't wait to see pics when he arrives!!! God Bless you with all your new ventures.

Sandy said...

I'm still here....glad your business is going well. Will keep MIL in my thoughts.

AndrewBrianAndErinMarie said...

Wahoo! I made it onto the blog!