I cannot stand the cuteness. Look at this kid!
Here she is playing with her birthday loot.


Lauren said...

O look at her hair! Its getting so long. And those curls aren't as tight anymore ;(

She is a bundle full of cuteness though!

The Davis's Downunder said...

Happy Birthday to Anna from us.
Lucy gave birth to Pearl Lucy Baker June 21....10 days early. All very well and extremely happy. Weighed 7 lbs.
We have been having a wonderful reunion with Glen, Christopher and Jack and Margaret. Nancy and Kelly will be down to see us later this week. Pity your dad can't see his way clear to get together, most likely for the last time. Perry and I won't be over again.
I celebrate my 70th birthday with Perry, Glen and Catherine at a nice restaurant on Saturday and we leave Wednesday 15th.
Love to you all.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

She is such a doll!

Paige said...

Really missing your blog lately!!! How is Anna? How is sweet Asher?