Six things we've had in our house this week...

1. A GIANT, ENORMOUS, NASTY grey slug about 6 inches long and at least an inch in diameter. Normally, I would have grabbed my camera, but I was literally so disgusted, that I had to go take a shower while my husband disposed of it.

2. A very fussy kid who I think has thrown herself into the terrible two's a bit early. At least that's the diagnosis of our American friend who is a Child Psychologist. That makes me feel a lot better actually, because her wild screaming fits are becoming nearly unbearable!

3. A medication-resistent fungus that has taken over my right foot and has now appeared on all of my fingers. No shame here. I'm way past shame.

4. Giant fuzzy black ants, two of which have made it into my mouth by lying in wait on the rim of my juice filled glass, just waiting for me to take a drink! It was not pleasant. Not pleasant at all.

5. Rats. Yes, as if the giant cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, slugs, ticks, biting ants, mosquitos, and flies weren't enough, we have now seen grey rats running through the kitchen. Beautiful.

6. Piles and piles of smelly laundry. Not by choice, mind you... but we have just come out of a solid week of non-stop rain. It's impossible to dry clothes on the outdoor clotheslines, and only slightly less impossible to dry clothes by draping them all over the inside of the damp house. And so they sat. In the hamper. And mildewed. And I am now diligently trying to salvage our clothes and wash out the stench. Thank God for the past two days of sunshine!


Ms. Bar B: said...

Wow. There is definitely never a dull moment... at least not this week. Hopefully you all will get a bit more sunshine and your "house guests" will not each you alive.

Maggie said...

I cannot even imagine - I'm sure it's a whole new world down there. I would be freaking out about the bugs, esp if they landed in my mouth!! EWWWW!!!!!!

This sounds crazy, but I'd love to see pictures of things we don't have here in the US. hee hee That is, IF you can stomach looking at them long enough!! =)

Maggie said...

Lindsey, question... how did you get your signature to show up without a box around it?

Maggie said...

lol Nevermind - it's all in the font color you choose! =)

Lindsey said...

Hi Maggie, I can't paste html code in the comment form, so I sent you an email with the code to insert a siggy with no border into your posting template.

Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

OK you have to tell me how are you handling it LOL I mean I freak out when I think about bugs and rats I told my husband if I see a small mouse or a rat in the house I'm moving out ASAP LOL

Hope you get more sunshine and you save the clothes from smells!

And hope your foot gets better :)

Terrible 2's hang in there (I call it terrible toddler-hood LOL and I'm still dilling with it, mine is almost 4 LOL)

Kim said...

Hmmm... are you sure you're not living in East Texas? I ask, because we just recently moved from there and you described perfectly how hard it was to live in the country. Except for the rash and rats.... Good Luck, and Stay Strong!

T.P. Jefferson said...


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Miranda said...

Yikes, those are some nasty bugs! I'd be freaking out over the ants in my mouth too. I hope all the nasty little uninvited guests in your house take a hike soon!