After several days of watching Anna attempt to stuff herself into the small white toy bins, it finally occured to me to put her in the big toy basket. And she couldn't believe it! She sat in that basket, and didn't make a peep, for a good 15 minutes. She only stood up because daddy came in, and she needed to make sure that he saw her in the blue basket.
And in other exciting news, Anna has her first scraped knee! She was running around outside with all the other kids last Sunday evening, and she fell in the street and scraped her knee. She cried a little (but mommy didn't freak out!) A little cuddle and she was back to chasing the kids in the street.


Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org said...

She is so cute in that bin LOL (kids love those you should see mine impossible to grab a laundry basket without her)

Oh the first boo-boo :) I so remember those (we got some this summer last one was way worst)

Sarah said...

I have pictures of Kathryn standing in a laundry basket just smiling!

And her first scrape on the knee was baaaad, we were at a garage sale while visiting my parents and she was running and fell. She was having a hard time learning to walk in her new crocs and she used to fall all the time.

Maggie said...

lol Jonah was running all over the house with that same basket OVER HIS HEAD (except ours is white)!! Kids are so funny!!

She is getting so big, Lindsey!! I can't believe it; what an absolute doll!! I love her hair!! She is a cutie!!