chicken wire

Before our trip to the states, we had a cheap fence built in our front yard made out of used lumber. The guy who made it left fairly large gaps in the slats and Dewey, who was much smaller at the time, was able to escape. To remedy the problem, Eric bought 30 feet of chicken wire to staple along the bottom of the fence to keep Dewey securely in the yard. Today Eric decided that the chicken wire was no longer necessary since Dewey is HUGE and that is should come down so Anna doesn't cut herself on the now rusty metal.

After pulling all the wire off of the wooden fence, Eric dumped it in a pile on the street for the trash collectors to pick up. But Luci, who was here today to help with Anna while I organized the house and unpacked, asked Eric if she could take it home. Luci helps support her family by raising chickens and selling them fresh (they taste so yummy). She told us that old the chicken wire would be perfect for making a bigger coop so that she could raise more chickens to sell. She tediously rolled up the metal and put it in a large trashbag to take home, excited about the prospects of a bigger coop, more chickens, and thus more income for her family.

Nothing is trash here... and I'm learning how truly wasteful we are in America. It's my culture to throw away old, dirty, obsolete things... and only to give away items that are clean and still in good condition. But here, everything can be fixed, recylcled and reused.

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