Room with a View

Eric is now safe and sound back in Panama! I just got off the phone with him, and he reports that it's super hot, very rainy, and that our dalmation Dewey is twice the size he was just a mere 4 weeks ago! Some of you know that I decided, after much prayer and discussion with Eric, that I needed to stay behind for just a few more weeks, so that I could attend my only sister's wedding. I have dreaded the thought of being separated from my best friend for 3 weeks, but we both felt that it was a sacrifice that needed to be made. Please join me in praying for Eric as he is separated from me and Anna- and pray for me to be strengthened and to use this time to have sweet fellowship with the Lord.

To celebrate our upcoming anniversary on August 7th, Eric took me to San Diego the night before he left. We stayed in the Hyatt on the marina next to Seaport Village. We found a fantastic discount code online that actually worked when we made the reservation, but the condition of the discount was that the room was supposed to be on a low floor. When we were checking in, however, Eric just casually asked for the highest floor they could give us... and they assigned us a corner room on the 30th floor! From our window we had a view of the bay and Coronado Island from one side, the downtown "gaslamp" district from the other, and the gorgeous 4th story pool deck below.

We had a great time... laying by the pool, crusing around Seaport Village, & dining at a water-front restaurant (followed by chili cheese fries for Eric to compensate for the tiny but expensive portion he was served for dinner). The next day we drove a few blocks to do some business at the Panamanian Consulate and then I took him to LA. Here are some pics from our hotel room:

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Restored 316 said...

O this is beautiful! I am so glad you guys got to spend some time together just you two before Eric headed back.