The Tharaldson Family needs a vacation! We've loved every moment of these past 3 weeks in America... but we are literally exhausted from all the traveling and meetings and activities. We had always planned to go up north to spend some time with Eric's parent's... and so we are leaving in the morning for one week! We are taking my parent's travel trailer (it's a neato one with a slideout and everything!) We'll be in Pismo Beach for 3 nights to visit with Eric's family, and then we will be at another campground for 3 more nights, just to relax and be together as a family. We're not taking computers on this trip, so that we can truly refresh and spend quality time together. Sooooooo..... you'll hear from us next week! We'll miss you guys at church, but we'll hopefully see you next Sunday (the 27th) if Eric can figure out how to manuever the giant trailer into the church parking lot. See you soon!

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