Skype Me!

Okay guys... we have been living in Central America for over 3 months now... and we need a little more communication with the outside world!!!

Shortly after moving here, we discovered Skype. It is a free download that allows us to communicate via instant messaging, web cam, and like a phone- but through the computers! Anyone can sign up (they don't ask for any cards or payment) and once you sign in, you can see others in your 'contacts' who are online! If I click on a contact, I can IM or call their computer... although you do need a headset to do this.

Eric and I both spend a lot of time on the computer each day... doing projects, studying, etc. It would so awesome if we could IM with our friends back home, or even place a web cam call! If you're interested in getting Skype, go to www.skype.com . When you have a user name, email it to us (I don't want to post our email, but you all have it!) Then we can add you to our contacts!

Look forward to Skyping you!

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