A Whale of a Tale

Fish have always been a part of our relationship. While we were dating, Eric and I would spend time walking around PetSmart looking at fish (not much to do in Temecula!) After we were married our love of fish continued... we even spent several hours in a fish store while waiting to go to the airport to leave for our honeymoon!

A few months into our marriage, I bought Eric a 20 gallon aquarium to fill with his very own fish! This birthday gift was a huge hit. After a successful go at building and establishing an aquarium, Eric and I purchased a large 75 gallon aquarium... it was beautiful.

Not long ago, we decided after many expensive trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific, to become members. It was very exciting to receive our membership packet and get ID cards! We now can go to the aquarium anytime and we even have our own special entrance (we feel very important).

While in labor, we made a trip to the aquarium that proved to be the transition from easy labor to agony! And so, it was only fitting that we take the result of that agony, our beautiful baby girl, to the aquarium for her first encounter with our beloved fish!

Clearly, she loves it! She especially enjoyed the Baja California exhibit.

A father imparting his hobby to his firstborn.

Taking a break in the Scuba Cafe (surprising, the aquarium cafe has great food!)

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Paige said...

Lindsey you look fantastic! Anna is such a cutie!