About Us

Cuzco, Peru
Eric and I met in High School during our senior year. Turns out we had attended the same school since the 6th grade, but our paths had never crossed. We both needed a date to the Prom and we were set up by a good mutual friend, Faith. As soon as Eric came to pick me up in his cute little tuxedo, I was hooked. After graduation, however, we went our separate ways. Eric began attending Calvary Chapel Bible college in Murrieta, and I moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly. During our time in college, we had both seen the Lord move and work and began to feel the Lord's call to missions. I spent a summer with Calvary Chapel Priluki, Ukraine and Eric spent a semester at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Lima, Peru. When we reconnected in 2003 and decided to get married, we suspected that God would continue to lead us toward the harvest of foreign missions. Now we are expecting our first child and are being prepared by our beloved home church, Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs, for the mission field. Living for the Lord is such an adventure, and we can't wait to see what God has in the next few years!

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