Sour Apple Studio!

For the past year I have thoroughly enjoyed creating custom blog designs for my wonderful clients! I have felt the urge, for quite some time now, to expand my little design business to offer custom website/e-commerce boutique designs, premade website templates, as well as custom blog designs.

I decided to change the name from LindseyJoy Design to Sour Apple Studio in order to start this newly expanded design business with a fresh, fun name. (Go ahead Chad... make fun) But I love my new name and think I'll keep it!

So while I wait for www.lindseyjoydesign.com to begin forwarding you to my new site, go ahead and just jump on over there and check it out!

Sour Apple Studio



~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

On my way to check it out right now! Love the name and the cute button :)

Kim Julian, STL Mommy said...

I love it it's perfect! :)


faith said...

I like the name and it makes sense since Granny Smith Apple green is like your favorite color.

Sour Apple Studio said...

yyyeeeaaahh... i was hoping no one would catch that cause i know it's a bit obsessive :) hee hee I CAN'T HELP IT I LOVE GREEN!

Kim and Kiki said...

Love your new business name! Can't wait for our etsy business to take off so we can purchase one of your awesome designs for our blog! You rock! Congrats on your pregnancy!