Two Teeth and a Sippy Cup

The exciting news of the week... Anna has 2 teeth! They came this past week, although I had no idea... she grabbed my finger and put it into her mouth and I felt a sharp tooth! She hasn't been acting fussy or extra drooly or anything! Then, yesterday morning, I got a peek and saw that the other tooth had broken the surface! She is soooo cute now with two tiny white teeth!

We also gave her a sippy cup yesterday for the first time! As soon as she saw it, she grabbed each handle with her hands and pulled it straight to her mouth and began sucking! Oh I am such a proud mama! She doesn't understand to tilt it up, so we will continue to practice! Still no solid foods yet... we attempted the cereal thing, and after a week gave up. I will try again next week... and maybe some will actually make it into her tummy.

In other news, we have pretty much packed up our little place. We are packing 16 rubbermaid tubs filled with items that we plan to ship via cargo plane to Panama. Everything else has found a new home with friends or at the GoodWill. We have begun to sell our furniture as well... and I plan to thoroughly enjoy my couch today, as we have someone coming to pick it up tonight! Our car will be the last thing sold probably sometime next month. It has been very nostalgic packing up... we moved into this place the day we got back from our honeymoon, we brought Scarlet home here, and we brought our first baby home here. But we are both glad to move on... and I can't wait to have more space to spread out... in the new house, Anna will have her own room/playroom, and Eric will have his own office. I long for the day when the kitchen table is just for eating!

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