I Remembered This Year!!!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Twenty-six years ago tomorrow (Nov.2), my wonderful husband was born! He grew up in Beaumont and moved to Temecula in the 5th grade. In 6th grade, he attended Temecula Middle School (as did I)! For the next 7 years, we attended the same schools but never met until April of our Senior year of High School. After high school, Eric enrolled as a student at Calvary Chapel Bible College. He completed several semesters at the Murrieta campus, and was one of the first American students to take a semester in Lima, Peru. He also spent a year in Red Wing, Minnesota learning how to repair band instruments. He is a wonderful, devoted, and loving husband and father and I am proud to be his wife!

I want to take this opportunity to publicly confess that last year I forgot about his birthday. He got up and went to work without so much as a "Happy Birthday" from me. Sometime, mid-afternoon, I did remember and gave him a quick call. In my defense, I was deep in the throngs of morning sickness, being about 7 weeks pregnant at the time. I did nothing to celebrate Eric's special day... no special meal or cake (just the thought of food sent me running), no gifts, not even a card! So, honey, I'm sorry about last year... but this year I am the first one to say "Happy Birthday Eric!" I love you.


Paige said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!!!!

Andrew and Erin said...

Happy Birthday Ecky :)